"Dream of Red Mansions" out of the three -dimensional book to reproduce the Grand View Garden and other scenarios

"Dream of Red Mansions" out of the three -dimensional book to reproduce the Grand View Garden and other scenarios

  Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the People’s Literature Publishing House on the afternoon of April 11th that the agency recently joined hands with Wang Wei, the first "first person in China", and published the famous paintings of the "Dream of Red Mansions" in the Qing Dynasty as a blueprint. Let Grand View Garden jump on the reader. At present, more than 10,000 yuan has been crowdfunded through the Internet platform, and more than 500 red fan collectors have scheduled this three -dimensional book and related cultural and creative products.

  Open the three -dimensional book of Dream of Red Mansions, three -dimensional characters and scenes suddenly appear in front of them. The story in the Grand View Garden is not only constructed in the readers’ minds, but also through the excellent manufacturing process, so that the content of the story turns from text to a picture, from plane to three -dimensional. It is understood that overseas, three -dimensional books are called "book of craftsmanship", which has a history of more than 100 years.

When the colorful images are combined with the exquisite mobilization agency, the moment the pages are opened, the 3D "picture" that jumps out shows the sense of vision of the theater, which can stimulate the reader’s vision and touch.

  Wang Wei, designer of the three -dimensional book of the Dream of Red Mansions, introduced that the three -dimensional book of "Dream of Red Mansions" designed by him this time is based on the pictures of Sun Wen’s "Dream of Red Mansions" in the Qing Dynasty as a blueprint.

Sun Wen painted a total of 230 existing pictures in the "Dream of Red Mansions", which reproduced the main story and characters of "Dream of Red Mansions" in the form of painting.

The painting heart is silk, the longitudinal centimeter, horizontal, and horizontal, and it is now in the Liaoning Lushun Museum.

  In the first stage of the three -dimensional book design of the Red Mansion Dream, Wang Wei led the design team to fully analyze the "visual+space" element in Sun Wen’s famous painting. "The Grand View Garden in Personal Heart", the third stage presents the theoretical practice of "art+space", and finally realized the space fusion of the three -dimensional book of Dream Council in Red Mansions. Feng Jicai, a well -known writer and scholar, affirmed the publication of the Grand View Garden’s three -dimensional book. He said: "" Dream of Red Mansions "is a valuable literary wealth of our Chinese nation. It is a vast and rich literary work. In the form of three -dimensional books, the various classic scenes and spaces in the novel are reproduced, so that everyone can walk into the Grand View Garden with interest and appreciate the "Dream of Red Mansions".

Zhang Qingshan, president of the Chinese Red Mansion Dream Society, said, where is the Grand View Garden, where the Grand View Garden is "Scenery in Heaven and Earth". Taking the works of the Qing Dynasty painter Sun Wen as the blueprint, in a more approachable posture, the beauty of the architecture of "Dream of Red Mansions" was displayed to a wider reader group, and a cultural symbol closer to the red building closer to young people.

  Text/Reporter Zhang Enjie.