Huainan Audit "Three Focus on" escort the revitalization of the countryside

Huainan Audit "Three Focus on" escort the revitalization of the countryside

  The municipal audit organs closely focused on the requirements of the municipal party committee and municipal government on the deployment of rural revitalization work, focusing on the implementation of relevant policies and measures and the use of project fund management and the use of project funds to escort the strategy of rural revitalization.

  Focus on "strong agricultural" and continue to deepen high -standard farmland audits.

Since 2019, Shouxian County, Fengtai County, Xiejia Section, and Panji District have successively launched special audits.

The audit found that illegal and management irregular funds were 13.41 million yuan, revealing the problems of the city’s high -standard farmland in planning, construction, management and protection, and the use of funds. Essence

Promote the audit unit to clean up 10,000 acres of grass skin planting places, and make up for high -standard farmland for more than 1,000 acres of farmland, and effectively curb the "non -grain" of cultivated land. Focus on "rural beauty" and carry out the improvement of rural human settlement environment and the safety of drinking water for rural drinking water.

Focusing on the goals and tasks of the rural human settlement environment, focusing on the "Three Revolution" and "Three Actions", successively carried out the city’s rural drinking water safety consolidation and improvement projects, the special audit of the rural human settlement environment in Tianjiayu District, and the experiment of Mao set experiments District Fenghuang Lake Water Environment Comprehensive Governance PPP project tracking audit, a total of 100 million yuan of special funds, involving 5 projects, 7 units, 13 townships, and 8 villages. 43 issues including the project’s subsequent management and the irregularities of special funds were not regulated. The illegal regulations and irregular funds were found to be 15.15 million yuan. Now it has been promoted to find out the basic rectification of the problem, and promote 7 copies of the establishment system of relevant units. Essence Focus on "farmers’ wealth" and increase policy tracking audit.

Along the main line of "politics -policy -project -funds", follow up and check the relevant situations of industrial layout planning, project promotion and implementation, agricultural industrial park construction, and the development of three industrial parks. Implementation of the project, find "lesions" and early warning. A total of 21 issues such as the progress of the project slow or not achieved the expected results, insufficient funding guarantee, etc., suggesting 6 hidden risks, promoting policy implementation, responsibility implementation, improving the performance of funds, and helping rural industries revitalize, rich people and strong cities.

The audit of relevant policies and funds related to rural revitalization, focusing on the implementation of policies and measures such as rural human settlements and rural industrial development, and the management and use of relevant funds, etc., and effectively promote the implementation of the strategic decision -making and implementation of rural revitalization.

(Reporter Jia Jing).