[School History Office "] Zhang Liqiang, Secretary of the Yangquan Mining Area Committee: Promote the" One City and Three District "construction to open a new road to the transformation of independent

[School History Office "] Zhang Liqiang, Secretary of the Yangquan Mining Area Committee: Promote the" One City and Three District "construction to open a new road to the transformation of independent industrial and mining

People’s Network: The twelfth party generation of Shanxi Province has just ended, and the province is quickly unified to the spirit of the idea and action to the spirit of the General Assembly.How will the mining area implement the spirit of the provincial party congress and promote high quality development?Zhang Liqiang: The 12th Party Congress of the Provincial Party will put forward the goal requirements of high quality development, and the province’s future economy, political, cultural, social, ecological civilization construction and party building "six areas"How to arrange and deploy high quality development, indicating the direction for the future development of the mine, provides follows, we will focus on the following works on the basis of learning, good publicity, good basis, focus on the following work.

One focus of innovation to lead, to create a comprehensive high-quality development of new advantages.

Mine will give full play to innovative first-mover advantage to develop the pattern of "a valley of a hospital district line a" preliminary molded traction, with efforts to achieve the strategic lead and then went and ran. Continue to deepen cooperation between province to carry out "political research with" collaborative innovation, accelerate the transformation of scientific research and then to merchandise from the sample to the product. Increase the precision docking and Huayang, Jinneng, Luan and other enterprises, and promote scientific and technological achievements in situ conversion.

Adhere to the lead domains simultaneously, rigid-flexible, use-oriented, and actively help start-ups for all types of financial policy to support efforts to provide comprehensive protection for innovative companies. The second is the focus projects, to build a comprehensive high-quality development of new support. Vigorously implement the industry enabling new education strategy, transform and upgrade traditional industries, fostering the growth of emerging industries, accelerate the construction of modern industrial system. To 5G, big data, cloud computing, networking, chain blocks to lead a new generation of information technology to promote coal and other traditional industries, high-end, intelligent, green development, focusing on promoting Huayang 5G + wisdom mines, coal gangue solid waste utilization of organic fertilizer and other system transformation project.

Focus on the development of new industries, focusing on promoting coal-bed methane production of diamond, ultra-pure nano-carbon, Bo billion Hong Kong intelligent multimodal transport and other key projects.

Focus carbon double dual-control targets, Datang focus on promoting new energy photovoltaic power generation, Huayang advanced production capacity and other projects to provide new support for high-quality development. Third, the focus of reform and opening up, develop a comprehensive high-quality development of new space. Persist in reform and opening "a key move" out of the mine to see mine, move to deeper, more Hongyuan vision to lead the reform, promote transformation.

Initiative into the country "along the way" construction, build into the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin and an important node.

Support local businesses use Alibaba overseas warehouse, cross-border electricity business associations and other platforms boat out to sea, to open up external markets.

At the same time based on local industries, grasp the chain extending reinforcement to carry out industrial chain investment, market-oriented investment, the Chamber of Commerce syndicated investment, investment in precise, professional investment forward, efforts to improve the external image.

Fourth, the focus of ecological optimization, improve the comprehensive development of high-quality new elements. Adhere to the "largest ecological" concept, hard to good ecological environment and promote the political environment, the comprehensive development of government ecology, green, eco collaboration. Resolutely carry the main responsibility for running the party strictly comprehensive, coordinate development of the party’s political, ideological, organizational building, work style, discipline and institutional construction, to create a Delicate gas is the political environment. Continue to optimize the business environment, promote the construction of government figures, opening up key investment projects "green passage" to the full implementation of eco-efficient and convenient government "a seal of approval pipe, a pipe system supervision" and building. Practice the "two mountains" theory, one promoting forestry and water conservation governance gas city government, focus on autumn and winter air pollution prevention and control work, and continue to develop initiatives to refine exhaust, dust, loose coal and other key areas. Do a good job in tackling poverty to consolidate the results of an effective interface with rural revitalization, focusing "special" "excellent" direction peri-urban agriculture, continue to promote rural living environment, and building collaborative eco-urban and rural integration.

Fifth, improve people’s livelihood focus fully release the development of new high-quality dividend.

Focus mine, "one old and one a little special" actual, sustained grasp basic, inclusive, reveal all the details of people’s livelihood.

For the "old" problem, efforts to promote government investment as the mainstay of elderly welfare mines to publicly owned and privately as a pilot of Cai Dong, Duan west ditch and other community care service station to raise the medical health support Huayang featuring two homes Kang support service center, high-end retirement to extend the source, Toyama and other health support project construction industries, to create the unique characteristics of the four mines pension service system.

Focus solve the "small" problem, continue to advance 0-3 years old infant care services, public kindergartens degree Pratt & Whitney supplies, Primary and Secondary Education Group of School Reform in-depth work, high quality construction Jiaoyuqiangqu. For more problems, "special groups", and actively promote "full dot com grid" construction, improve sector coordination mechanism for helping college graduates, migrant workers, the employment focus groups to produce energy and other workers.

Accelerate the transformation of the old district and the construction of affordable housing, improve the level of protection of various types of social assistance groups, enhance public safety and security capabilities, pay close attention to social stability and risk prevention and control, and strive to people’s yearning for a better life continues to become a reality. Sixth, focus to lead the party building, the development of new high-quality comprehensive gathering momentum.

Uphold and strengthen the party’s leadership over all the work, continue to promote the central, provincial, municipal important decisions and arrangements put down roots in the mining area. Strengthen the comprehensive political guidance, firmly grasp the initiative in the field of ideological work, continue to strengthen learning outcomes cited deep learning and education History, from soul to enhance the "four consciousness" firm "four self-confidence", so that "two maintain". Vigorously promote the street "Great Work", and actively foster the development of "two new" organization, to promote the district party building.

Further expand grassroots party organizations, "three governance integration" of new practices, to promote grass-roots party organizations management capacity and governance system modernization. Strictly implement the party strictly full responsibility for long-term mechanism to promote the "three no’s" build, enhance overall organizational power of party organizations, cohesion and attractiveness.

In short, the mine will adhere to the new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping Chinese characteristics as guidance, closely around the provincial promote all-round development of high-quality objectives and requirements, combined with the municipal "14510" general idea and deployment, do solid work, work hard, time best condition, best style, the highest efficiency, in order to continue to promote "innovation city production integration of the city, the hub of economic open zones, green zones livable quality, wisdom governance safe zone" for the development path, "a city three area "construction, strive for an early trip out new ways of restructuring and development of an independent industrial and mining areas. (Photo by mining District Propaganda Department) (Editor: Sang Li Yuan, Zhang Linshan) Share to let more people see recommended reading.