[Experts and scholars look at the two sessions] Member Shi Xiaoming: Strengthen the public health response to the elderly population in our country

[Experts and scholars look at the two sessions] Member Shi Xiaoming: Strengthen the public health response to the elderly population in our country

Recommended reading can only grasp the method of correcting ideological overall problems with the concept of systematic concepts, and systematically understand the ideological elements and structure and functions of the ideological and mutually promoted ideology.

2022-03-0409: 54 The results of the governance of the living environment must not only solve the problems existing in the improvement of rural living environment, but also help establish and improve the long-term mechanism of this work according to local conditions, stimulate the endogenous villages and farmers’ endogenous households Dynamics meets the growing needs of rural residents for a better environment.

2022-02-2809: 11 During the prevention and control of the epidemic, my country took the lead in the implementation of effective epidemic control measures to achieve recovery in economy. At the same time, the introduction of a series of ultra -conventional policies also provides important external forces for economic recovery.

2022-02-1815: During the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the transportation industry must be based on a new stage of development, aimed at accelerating the construction of a strong transportation country, promoted the high-quality development of transportation, and vigorously promoted the integration, digital, and green development of transportation Essence 2022-02-1015: 57 Through the digital trade rules of the altitude standard standard, on the one hand, it can provide new development space for China’s digital trade development. The initiative and the right to speak laid the foundation.

2022-01-2909: 32 In the new era, strengthen and improve international communication work, and form an inevitable logic of international recognition of Chinese value concept of value, essential understanding and conscious identity. 2022-01-2614: 39 The morality of the concept of the community of human destiny proposed by China is reflected in it that it should take into account the reasonable concern of other countries when pursuing the legitimate interests of the country, and to promote the common development of countries in the development of the country.

2022-01-2110: 09 Factive market-oriented reform is a key reform task with traction. The comprehensive reform pilot is to promote the correct method of reform in the new period. Systemic, overall, and synergistic measures.

2022-01-1809: 48 How to scientifically grasp the regular understanding of the accumulation of accumulated in economic work and better guide the actions to promote high-quality development. This requires in-depth interpretation of the combination of theory and practice. 2022-01-0610: 56 The new globalization is in line with the general trend of global development, and the general goal of promoting the common prosperity of the world. China ’s efforts to lead the new globalization is a matter of benefiting the world and a move that conforms to the trend of the times. 2021-12-2014: 44 Adhering to the enterprise-centric policy direction and service concept, establishing a criterion for the establishment of a new type of political and business relations that are close and innocent, then government departments can find the effective path of standards and business relations, and optimize to optimize The business environment and the promotion of high -quality development of the private economy provide conditions.

2021-12-1314: 37 In fact, it is not recognized that China’s "market economy status" is mainly to provide a convenient condition for the United States and the European Union to suppress China.

They can casually determine a substitutional country to evaluate China’s anti -dumping, and to strengthen the suppression of Chinese enterprises and Chinese products.

2021-12-0809: 59. Looking back for a century, the Communist Party of China has always been able to review the situation in the practice of leading economic construction, actively cope with the development and changes of the objective situation, and adjust the strategic deployment in a timely manner. The excessive skills of the new bureau. 2021-12-0714: 37 At the region and bilateral levels, China can add digital trade chapters to the RTA negotiations that are undergoing and researching, and strive to promote the reach of the issue. Add digital trade issues during RTA negotiations. 2021-11-2609: 54 Speed ??up 5G base station construction and commercial pace, improve the computing power infrastructure construction represented by data centers and intelligent computing centers, and lay a solid physical foundation for the digital and intelligent upgrade of traditional industries.

2021-11-1609: 34 In the beginning of the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan", it is necessary to deeply realize that strengthening intellectual property protection is promoting the construction of a modern economic system, stimulating the vitality of the whole society, supporting the construction of innovative countries, and the construction of socialist modernization. The significance of aspect. 2021-11-0509: 32 Because the development of Marxism is deeply rooted in the people, for the people, relying on the people, it is the theory of the people, and it has been recognized, supported and supported by the people. , Rewritten human history and vividly interpret the theoretical character of "line".

2021-10-2815: 56 Implementing an innovation-driven development strategy and accelerating the construction of an innovative country is the deserved meaning of achieving high-quality economic development and building a modern economic system.

The important question of "innovation -driven" is to "drive innovation"? 2021-10-2609: 43 In the process of moving towards the second century-old goal, common prosperity has become an important strategic goal of my country’s economic development, and ecological rich people should also play a huge function and role. 2021-10-2109: 34 From the perspective of construction experience, the smart city construction model has transformed from a multi-subject and diversified model from the government to the society to participate in and jointly build and operate. Value model is worth learning.

2021-10-1909: 26.