Chinese brigade giant panda cub "promotes" to welcome the birthday of the year

Chinese brigade giant panda cub "promotes" to welcome the birthday of the year

Original title: Close -up: Chinese Big Panda Big Panda Cubs "Shengyi" welcomes the fence of panda photos, panda -shaped balloons, and special "birthday cakes" with panda -shaped cards -Malaysian National Zoo On the morning of the 31st, the Panda Pavilion was full of joy, and dozens of tourists and media reporters were looking forward to the giant panda cubs who were full of age on the day of the day.

"Shengyi" is the third female cub of the Chinese brigade giant panda "Xingxing" and "beautiful". Born on May 31, 2021, the 47th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia.

"Xingxing" and "Liang Liang" were leased to Malaysia in 2014. The first cubs were born in 2015 and returned to China in 2017. The second "friendship" was born in January 2018 The third was officially named "Shengyi" on the 25th of this month. In front of the Panda Pavilion with the background board of "Happy Birthday" and the name of Chinese and English "Shengyi", there are birthday cakes made of ice cubes, dragon fruit, pineapple, grapes, etc. The big red "1" on the cake is particularly eye -catching. At 11 o’clock, "Shengyi" appeared in the arms of the staff.

It sniffed around the cake, smelled right, and then began to perform "good play" -the trunk. It slowly climbed up the highest part of the trunk, sometimes sitting, sometimes lying on its stomach. The audience at the scene was frightened, but "raising" was relaxed. The Panda Pavilion breeder Ahmed Nazam told reporters that "the friendship" has a lively personality, a small weight, and likes to climb high.

At present, she is fed by breastfeeding, and today is the first time to contact fruits. Fang Chuyun, a book administrator from Raman University of Technology, is a fan of giant panda. She told Xinhua News Agency that the panda photos and panda -shaped ornaments on the fence in the Panda House were arranged by her. It was sent from China online shopping in advance. "She liked the name" Shengyi "," because the meaning of the name is the friendship between China and Malaysia, "Rosley, vice chairman of the Malaysia National Zoo growing up.

I wish her a happy birthday for one year! Bless Malaysia -China relations are getting better and better! "(Wang Yi Mao Pengfei) (Responsible editor: Mu Shengyu, Zhu Hongxia) Share more people see it.