Zhao Jingrui: In the past half a year, more than ten places were inspected and finally chose Yucheng

Zhao Jingrui: In the past half a year, more than ten places were inspected and finally chose Yucheng

At 8 o’clock on May 26, Zhao Jingrui, Executive Director of Yuzhen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Yucheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., came to the laboratory of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Building across the road after having breakfast in a talent apartment, opened high and low temperature oil bath equipment, and let the equipment start heating Heating up. He is undergoing the cello process experiment and requires more than 20 hours. On May 13, Zhao Jingrui was awarded Texas to outstanding contributions. After graduating from the University of Hong Kong, he chose to start a business in 2015. I inspected more than ten places in half a year and finally chose Yucheng.

This is quite extent because of the local support for the innovation and entrepreneurship of scientific and technological talents and the practical measures, so that we have no worries, we can be more confident and more at ease. Zhao Jingrui said.

In 2015, Yu City issued the "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the 5331 Talent Program Promoting Talent Strong City". This is absolute news for Zhao Jingrui, who is preparing to start a business: In terms of office, Yucheng provides a free 700 square meter laboratory in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park; in terms of funds Subsidies and life subsidies; in terms of life, Yu City provides bags in the talent apartment, and talents can enjoy convenient services such as accommodation, catering, leisure, etc. Thanks to technological advantages and policy support, Zhao Jingrui led Yuzhen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to achieve rapid development, and presided over the completion of the primary scientific and technological talent support plan and three high test experiments in the western province. The company has won the honor of the State Human Resources and Social Affairs Ministry of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security’s most growth potential.

The company has achieved a total of more than 2 million yuan in operating income and more than 2 million yuan in taxes. In 2021, Yu City issued the "Several Measures on the Implementation of Talents and Xing Yu", and the support services of talents were upgraded and then added.

After learning that Zhao Jingrui had an urgent demand for expanding production scale, the relevant departments of Yucheng City coordinated 35 acres of land for Yuzhen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in the chemical park of the inch -inch of the city as its production base. On May 26, the staff of the Talent Studio of the Organization Department of the Yucheng Municipal Party Committee came to dock again to understand the company’s needs and assist in solving related issues such as project construction approval. After the company’s new project is officially put into production, it will produce 400 tons of cineyl oxygenic acid and 500 tons of hydroxyethyl aceta, and it is expected that the annual operating income will exceed 50 million yuan. In recent years, Yucheng has continued to optimize the talent policy system, continued to introduce more than 20 talent policies, and achieved full coverage of various types of talents. The scientific and technological talent conference is held each year to concentrate on praise and reward outstanding talents, and accumulate a total of 100 million yuan for rewarding funds. It has introduced 436 high -level talents, forming a talent policy environment with strong attraction and competitiveness. To do a good job of talent work in the new era, the key is the hard and new tricks for pragmatic management. On May 13th, in the new era of the Talent Working Conference of the Texas Party Committee to promote talent gathering ten strategies, the policy gathering first is the first place: improve the policy supporting system, implement the policy implementation Gold effect.

Texas insist on calculating big accounts and long -term accounts. From 30 gold policy of talent policy, to the recent launch of the new era of talents in the new era, 23 talents have been integrated and developed. For key links for education and retention, a number of policies are breakthrough: in the new policies, top talents and major talents projects, establish special affairs and special policies roaming mechanisms, and team members introduce unparalleled and position restrictions; give qualified leaders 350 350 10,000 yuan of entrepreneurial vouchers and 2.1 million yuan salary subsidy, increase the amount of talent loan from up to 10 million yuan to 50 million yuan, and increase the risk compensation ratio from 50%to 70%, so as to help Malaysia, send one journey, accompany the whole process; For key enterprises and projects, the implementation of one enterprise, one policy, one project, one policy, to give policy customization rights to recommend the right to recommend talents & hellip; & hellip; the stubbornness is dry goods, items are hard cores, providing sufficient sunshine for enterprise development and talent growth Rain dew.