"European Liu Zhao" 书 大 四 Why do you have a three-dragon person? The answer is only one

"European Liu Zhao" 书 大 四 Why do you have a three-dragon person? The answer is only one

Wu Zhao Zhao is called a book of four books.

However, there is a question in this, why is the three Tang people and a morality? Not common sense. Moreover, European willow is a strict sense, and Zhao Meng’s script is actually a line, and in the law, it is impossible to compile with the top three. Furthermore, Zhao’s big character book is basically learning Li Wei.

For art, it is not possible to be more than shoulder. From the perspective, the four words have the possibility of rumor.

The only explanation is that the four of the books are proposed in the Yuan Dynasty, and the purpose is to recommend Zhao Mengfu.

Although I have questioned four legislation, it is necessary to know that a term can be accepted by history, and it has proved that Zhao Mengfu has strong strength and contains certain cultural habits. The process of learning calligraphy is to understand habits. Good habits are the foundation of personal style, bad habits, is a kind of habit, which is often written in the inertia mentioned.

In essence, it is a concept problem.

Most people have a good habit of European Liu Zhao, there is a powerful habit, limited to major representatives, such as Ouyang inquiry "Jiucheng Palace", Yan Zhenqing "Yan Qian", Liu Gong Qiang "Mystery Tower Torale", Zhao Mengfu "Qiu" Tombstone ", etc. These representatives have a word to summarize, which is positive. Select this type of schema when you get started to help the roots.

Today, it is introduced to the reader, it is another kind of euchao Liu Zhao.

Using a word to summarize, it is odd.

This is like someone who has different emotions and sorrows and sorrows, many times, just a side.

It is him in danger, and it is also him. Combining these two aspects looks better and more realistic. Europhards use a word to summarize insurance, strict strokes, words, especially vertical painting, more towering.

As everyone knows, the key to writing Euro is in place.

Many pensions are affiliates, most typical, such as vertical hooks.

Only by understanding and grasping this can we go to the room.

Therefore, it is necessary to obey Ou Ji, and the Han Li, which is not strict, but a creation of the monument,, etc. This is related to the life experience of Ouyang, and he entered the Tang Dynasty is already a year, mainly living in the north and south. The color is representative of the meteorological of the Tang Dynasty, and the thinness of the Tang Dynasty, the empty spirit of the words of the Tang Dynasty, is rich, broad, majestic.

Yan Zhenqing was originally studying.

The "Duobao Tower" at the age of 44 has been personal. When the "Mu Mu Xiantan" has changed again, it is completely mature. Now understand the pigment, mainly the impression of these three inscriptions.

The horizontal is rough, and the horizontal is full, hooked full, it is a iconic brush. "将 军 帖" is a work that Yan Zhenqing pays attention to change, will change a variety of books, change the multi-end, and become an important reference department of the future bookkeeper, the most typical is Zheng Banqiao.

Liu Gong Qiang is a comprehensive European, two, and is positive than the script, it is thin and thin than the color, and the world is called Yanli Liu.

At the era of Liu, Tang Ji entered the late Tang Dynasty, and the law reached its ultimate. "Mongolian post" is sentenced to two, this post is extraordinary, and it is recommended as the sixth bank of the world.

The number of Zhao Mengfu has a lot, a multi-faced hand.

The Zhao Meng’s Lishu is among the best in the Yuan Dynasty. Many of his ambitions are self-book, and the annual number of comments. It is a lot of bodies, and the fusion can be integrated. It can rise high, complement, talk, only to expect energy, install the facade. Books need to start from their own actual situation. From the perspective of calligraphy creation, Qi Zheng will be born, you can touch bypass, understand the different sides of a book, easier to make objective, dialectical.

Yan Zhenqing Yan Zhenqing "The General Poetry" also called "Sending General Northern Extest", the first seeing the South Song Dynasty Yuanyuan "Zhongyi Tang post" engraved. This is the proseens of ink, all 21 lines, 93 words, and now the Beijing Palace Museum.

Interpretation: General.

The big monarch is six, and it will be clear. When the horse is dragon, Tengling He Zhuang.

General Renjing, Heng Hao Yao Yishi.

The sword dances, the wind, and back. Upward Wang Tianshan, Snow is Cui Wei. In the case of the arrogance, the Wei Sheng Zhenyi. One shot of a hundred horses, and then shouted. The Xiongnu did not dare to host the enemy, and he came to come. The merger is the emperor, you can draw a linden.

Ouyang inquiry Ouyang inquiry "Datang Zong Shengguan Monument" (local), standing in Tang Gausun’s nine years (626), the existing monument is restricted, in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, Xi’an.

365 cm, horizontal 112 cm, 螭 head turtle, 23 lines, 60 words.

Ouyang inquiry and comes. Interpretation: (the husband is sent to the silence, the road is very good, the gates are the name, and there is no name ". It is too late to open the map, the mixed elements are joined, and the three talents will be collected.

Mo Zhixi Emperor’s home, did not witness the domain of Valley, Hawaii, and sealed). Liu Gongshuo Liu Gong Qiang "Mongolia Post", also known as "Hanlin Post", longitudinal centimeter, horizontal centimeter, is known as the top ten books of the world, now Tibet Beijing Palace Museum. Interpretation: public power, hover, the position is idle, affectionate, who is willing to respond, very pleasing. Publicity is present. Zhao Meng grabbed Zhao Zhao Hengfu "Hangzhou Fu Shen". "Hangzhou Fu Shenguan" is a status, written by Deng Wenyuan, Zhao Mengfu written, and the Taoist leader Zhang Wei, who is awarded Cui Wei Jin, is located on the beginning of the gods view of the West Lake broken bridge.

Interpretation: Hangzhou Fu Shenguan.

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